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Destination Krakow, Poland: Polish Cuisine.

Our destination this week Krakow, Poland meaning: hello Polish Cuisine!

This being a first-time visit for me, and I can tell you I had no idea what to expect and let myself be surprised by what the city of Krakow has to offer. A catholic city with many beautiful churches; – a history dating back to the 7th century, the Wieliczka salt mines, an underground world full of mysteries, and unfortunately a country with a tragic history. Krakow reemerged after the Nazi occupation. It is in the top 10 cities to visit according to Lonely Planet, travel guide.

Staying in the old city of Krakow, at the Balthazar Design Hotel, we set off to see the city, taste Polish cuisine, and Polish vodka.

Opting for a typical Polish Cuisine, Kuchnia Polska, offering local produce.

Starting off with Polish potatoes, Placki Ziemeniacazne, similiar to hash browns, crispy with a soft inside.

Our main course…

Duck served with red beets, mushroom sauce and for myself, trout served with vegetables, lentils, and creamy dill sauce, and a side of cucumber dill salad. The duck was a tad bit overcooked and dry to the taste and the mushroom sauce with nice chunky pieces of mushroom. The trout with the dill sauce and squeeze of lemon gave it a zesty taste.

The local wines are definitely worth drinking. I had a local full body wine, rich in flavor and tannins, delicious.

Dumplings, Strawberry Perogi

For dessert, we opted for dumplings, strawberry perogi, which they are known for as well as their other Perogi dumplings. Inside fresh strawberries and a handmade outer dumpling layer. Served with a sour cream sauce. You can also add a layer of sugar to top it off.

A nice start to our visit in Poland. Off we go to discover the city.

One love, and stay safe in these unprecedented times,


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