Finale So You Think You Can Cook?!: Game, set and match YUM WORST

The successful series of culinary events So You Think You Can Cook ?! (SYTYCC) last Sunday ended with a thrilling finale, in which four teams have done their utmost and the already rich Surinamese kitchen was enriched with four beautiful dishes; Combi extraordinary Easy Ribs, Jaychero Grill, Bar Zuid and Jammie Worst respectively made spare ribs in tamarind, bredebon Caribbean style, caiman citizen with a sauce of tamarind and coconut, and the eventual winner Sosis Kremes with a spicy Petjil. The perfectly grilled “kipbraadworstje” (Chicken Sausage) Jammie Sausages wrapped in dough and then crispy fried resembled an authentic French casserole and the blanched vegetables were not cooked as often happens but retained their fresh bite and were accompanied by a spicy pindasambel. “This is like my grandmother made earlier pindasambel,” said one of the visiting teachers excited, “it really has to oso njan taste!” The jury shared her opinion and Jammie Sausage was unanimous vote first. Bar South ended with the caiman citizen in a creditable second place.

“This I never dreamed,” says Jammie Sausage founder and owner Jurmic Parto, “when Alan (Tijs Ling, founder of the Citizens Battle SYTYCC) me in February asked to join, I had a hard head because the league is very strong. We were in the first qualifying round second and therefore were allowed through to the finals was a surprise but we stand here today as the winner of So You Think You Can Cook ?! 2015 is a dream come true. Together with my wife Charo and our team we have here today is a fantastic achievement put where Jammie Worst very proud. ”

Jury chairman Patrick Woei, also chairman of the Suriname Chef Association and owner of Spice Quest praised in particular the taste and presentation of the winning dish, calling it a dish that has everything it takes to become a classic in the Surinamese kitchen. The other jury members were designer Pearl Brunings, entrepreneur Geneviève Radjiman-Willem Berg, producer Marisa Pieplenbosch and culinary expert Maya Matawli.

There was literally been a Final Chapter For SYTYCC comes in this form is not returned. However, the formula continues as a television program called “Chefs of Suriname. Prize of this competition is therefore a catering contract for all six episodes of the television production. CESS (Culinary Events Sranan Style) the organization has devised SYTYCC, “Chefs of Suriname ‘and the Burger Battle and producer of the televu is presented next year at Bar South also a new series of culinary events under the title’ Chicken meets Shrimp and More ‘. Sponsor TOK has already promised back in action while negotiations with Parasprings (co- sponsor in 2015) and other companies are ongoing.

CESS and Bar South thank the sponsors, participants of four editions SYTYCC, Surinam media attention, Djazz_C. mc Trees Ralim, the band “A little different” and especially the public that every time in large numbers and there by has greatly contributed to this successful series of culinary events.

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