It has been a while since I cooked me up a meal or two at home. I’ve been so busy lately that cooking was not on my priority list. But starting May this year, I’ve decided to “challenge” myself to a new lifestyle that includes home cooking, gym life, more studying and enjoying work more. Even though I did cook, I still had some meals that weren’t made by me. 🙈Here’s my foodie journey through the month May!

What was on the menu in May?

My foodie journey for this month wasn’t all made by me, like I already state above. So here is me sharing my journey through pictures 😉. Don’t eat the screen please 😉😉😉

May 3rd

Two 3-course menus by Passie, Food & Wines – Simply Delicious 🤤! (restaurant week menu & 3-course surprise menu)

Enjoying this meal with my good friend Amy.

May 5th

Azteca Exotic Foods’ Promo week! See menu below… 😍

This late lunch was a good way to mingle and chat about life with the “baby” cousin Cheryl.

May 7th

“Dinner’s served… (for me!) Ps. Do not ask, I won’t share 🤪 (gridi)” – quoting myself… this is what I posted on my FB/IG account. Lol White rice, lettuce and beef 🥩 – yumminess!

May 10th

Something I prepared myself! Yummy 🤤 🍽 – minced meat (beef), phulauri (a Surinamese-Hindu dish) and steamed pumpkin fries.

May 13th – Mother’s Day

Azteca’s Tea – late lunch with my mother and our friend Monica.

May 16th

It was a juiceful and smooth(ie) day 😉

May 17th

Having lunch by Monica!!! Zooooodles! Heerlijk! Dankjewel MoMo! 😘

May 19th – The Royal 👑 Wedding 👰🎩

Enjoying breakfast in (on the) bed with the mom. 😍

May 22nd

Made by me: carrots haricots potatoes tomatoes and smoked chicken stir fried 🍴

May 23rd

Pasta Risottata!

#pastarisottata #zuchinni #smokedchicken #trufflesauce

And a little later that evening a snack!

While reading 📖 I’m eating… Lotis by Mellisa! Yum yum 😋 #heerlijkpeper!

May 24th

And somewhere during my foodie journey… I cought the flu… so by Love your body Juices & smoothies; here’s my remedy: 2 Healing flu 🤧 shots & 1 smoothie!

#healingflushots #neembladmix #smoothie #getbettertoday

May 25th

Finishing with today’s meal…

I hope you enjoyed looking at pictures and reading my short explanations.

On to next month! Eat away I’d say!

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