Hi hi all! 

My name is Gabriella N. C. van Axel Dongen – Hewitt. I’m the mommy of one (1) adorable little girl. Her name is Athalia. I’ve been asked to write about my nourishment adventures as a first time mom and how I’ve been cooping with it. 😝 

Here’s a little bit about me:

I’m a 28 years old, fun, loving and very spiritual, person who has two rules to live by:

  1. Never ever give up
  2. Never ever forget rule # 1

I have worked as a basic life and job skills trainer/ coach for 5 years. I am the CEO of GNCconsultancy. I have attained my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and am planning to restart and attain my Masters Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 

I married my soulmate at age 23 and we have been together for a total of 10 years, living our lives with our beautiful mini-us🥰

Chapter 1

That defining moment: Taste testing 1.0

Stepping over to solids, can be a very stressful moment… at least that’s how I  experienced it. As I am writing this… Allll those memories come flooding back to me. Some make me smile, laugh aloud and some are cringe worthy.

I started my daughter on solids at around 6 months. Her first solid was Gerber baby food.  You may wonder why I did not just opt for some potato and fresh greens because fresh is better and Suriname has lots of fresh foods. I do agree, fresh is always better! On the other side, in my opinion, the baby foods are just fine too. As long as you know which one to use. I think that a mom decides what she wants to feed her baby. If it’s fresh or ready-made baby food, or alternating between the two. It’s seriously up to you as a mom to decide for yourself. Of course, you can always listen to what earlier mother’s advice you, but ultimately it’s your own decision.

Okay, so let’s get back to that defining moment…

First of all, you hope and pray that your child is not allergic to certain foods. So hence the stressful part for me. It was like waiting to see how your child’s body will react to any type of food. 

That face! 

She put it the carrots in her mouth and immediately said yum, like she wanted more… If only… 🤦‍♀️ Her face was a mix of disgust and betrayal. How could I even think of giving her something other than her milk and porridge🍼?! 😱 It was like she was saying: “mommy you are so wrong with this!”  Yeah, carrots was a complete NO-GO. 

The next thing we tried, was green peas. Bingoo! She ate it like a champ 💪🍴

I think that it’s very important to taste test alot in the beginning. Figuring out what your child enjoys eating. And gradually adding more tastes into the mix. 

A few other favorites, when she was so younger were:

  • Potato, pumpkin and milk
  • Potato dagoeblad and milk

What did you feed your child at 6 months? Did you have the time to prepare it fresh?

I’d love to here your opinion on baby foods and how what you did.

This was my first chapter and my first blog post. Thank you for reading. Do comment, share and like. 



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