New Year’s Eve is all about celebration. Celebrating with family and friends, even celebrating with people you don’t even know.
This year we celebrated with everyone! Suriname is known for the diversity in race, food and culture. But one thing we all have in common is the love for food!
When we celebrate, we will make sure that there will be enough food to celebrate with.
We would like to start our first blog post with a little somethin’ somethin’ about what we did, what we ate and how we celebrated the coming of this beautiful new year.

The last days of 2013 are mostly meant for you to relax your mind, rest your soul and body, while celebrating the coming of 2014. We went to different parties. There were different foods of sorts.
As I said above, Suriname has different cultures, so… we have different kinds of food. What did we eat, drink and do during these days of celebrating the ending of the old year and the coming of this New Year?
We started our mornings with delicious coffee from Tangelo, by LavAzza.
One of our friends made us breakfast, scrambled eggs with Gouda cheese.
Somewhere in the middle of it all a homemade meal!
Pork marinated in beer, tomato, garlic, salt, black pepper and pork seasoning. Slow cooked on a stove.
White cabbage steamed with a little butter and water, finished with a pinch of salt.
Served with white rice. Delicious!!!
Drank some to celebrate the years’ end
We can’t remember which wines…
We ate the delicious tenderloin steak at JiJi’s restaurant.

Finishing with an amazing cocktail… also by JiJi’s: Caipirinha!!!

While partying in this crowd… (picture by Ingrid Moesan)
We drank some booze…
Looked at firecrackers blowing up everywhere… (picture by Ingrid Moesan)

At the end we went home to toast the coming of the new year with a glass of… Martini Asti!

Happy New Year! Have a foodful, fun, healthy and relaxing year!

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