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Vlog #01 – our first

Traveling experiences to Curaçao in April 2017.


You have seen our posts about Restaurant de Gouverneur and Oporto restaurant, right? If not, click on the name and read it 😉.

Here our first “Vlog”! 

What’s a vlog? A little more explaining needed?


A vlog (or video blog) is a blog that contains video content. The small, but growing, segment of the blogosphere devoted to vlogs is sometimes referred to as the vlogosphere.

Everyone nowadays, who has access to a camera or just their phones, can vlog. And with your phone editing is easily done with the right application. Most vloggers upload their videos to YouTube or a similar site, just like we did. Only we will share it on our blog ☺️, so our readers/subscribers can see it first.

We hope you enjoy our first vlog. Give us tips if you like.



In Suriname there is a 30 day vlogging challenge right now! It’s day 5 already!

Jean-Luc and 10 others are taking on this challenge. We did not join this time, maybe the next challenge. You can follow them on the below links:

  1. Arienne van der Hilst: 
  2. Manuel Lo-A-Njoe (Grafinx):
  3. Micha-Robin:
  4. Jenilva Bree:
  5. Serge (Dit is het nieuws):
  6. Consuela Esseboom (Pros & Conss):
  7. AdventuresWithLivv:
  8. Nicole Ruby-Ann:
  9. Raz Ta:…
  10. Nancy J. Nunes:…
  11. Jean-Luc van Charante:

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