Traveling experiences to Curaçao in April 2017.


You have seen our posts about Restaurant de Gouverneur and Oporto restaurant, right? If not, click on the name and read it 😉.

Here our first “Vlog”! 

What’s a vlog? A little more explaining needed?


A vlog (or video blog) is a blog that contains video content. The small, but growing, segment of the blogosphere devoted to vlogs is sometimes referred to as the vlogosphere.

Everyone nowadays, who has access to a camera or just their phones, can vlog. And with your phone editing is easily done with the right application. Most vloggers upload their videos to YouTube or a similar site, just like we did. Only we will share it on our blog ☺️, so our readers/subscribers can see it first.

We hope you enjoy our first vlog. Give us tips if you like.



In Suriname there is a 30 day vlogging challenge right now! It’s day 5 already!

Jean-Luc and 10 others are taking on this challenge. We did not join this time, maybe the next challenge. You can follow them on the below links:

  1. Arienne van der Hilst: 
  2. Manuel Lo-A-Njoe (Grafinx):
  3. Micha-Robin:
  4. Jenilva Bree:
  5. Serge (Dit is het nieuws):
  6. Consuela Esseboom (Pros & Conss):
  7. AdventuresWithLivv:
  8. Nicole Ruby-Ann:
  9. Raz Ta:…
  10. Nancy J. Nunes:…
  11. Jean-Luc van Charante:

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