A good pan is an investment for life. Rather buy a few expensive high-quality pans than a complete collection that warps, burns or loses the protective coating after a few years.

what do you need at least?

  • Frying Pan – 24 cm & 28 cm
  • Saucepan – 18 cm & 20 cm
  • Cooking pan – 24 cm

Frying pan – 24 cm & 28 cm

Frying pan

Buy at least two frying pans, material of your choice. For baking meat, fish and potatoes. An extra non-stick frying pan is also handy. To make that perfect fried omelette, you should use a small nonstick skillet (20cm).

Saucepan – 18 cm & 20 cm

Sauce Pan

Ik Use a saucepan for cooking an egg, but also for cooking vegetables and rice. With lid and thick bottom. Easy to hold. Also called sauté pan, sauteuse or simply snack pan. Widely used in professional kitchens. Is very suitable for the income of sauces and broths, browning meat or cooking vegetables. There are 2 variants: with handles and with handle. The stem gives more control.

Cooking pan – 24 cm

Cooking Pan

Pick one with a lid and a thick bottom! Best for cooking soup or vegetables and pasta. These pans are easy to stack with the saucepans (with stem). So… do you make soup for a large group? Then you should invest in an extra high copy.

What to look for when buying a pan?

  1. Heat source: Nowadays you can choose from gas, electric (ceramic or halogen) and induction. Most pans can be used on all pips, but there are exceptions. Induction cooking, which uses electromagnetic fields, requires (partly) iron pans, for example.
  2. Style: Are you going for a pan with a tough look? Design? Or do you choose a copper one because of the professional look?
  3. Technology & Maintenance: Do you want optimal performance? Then choose a pan that is made of a material that conducts well, such as iron, copper or aluminum. A disadvantage is really that these materials are not dishwasher safe. Looking for ease of maintenance? Then take stainless steel, which is allowed in the dishwasher.
  4. Price: Stainless steel (RVS) pans are relatively expensive. This also applies to copper copies. Prices of better brands stainless steel pans start at roughly $ 60. But it can be cheaper. A fantastic iron skillet that will last a lifetime with proper maintenance is available from as little as $ 20.

Special pans for advanced

  • Universal pan
  • Grill pan
  • Casserole
  • Wok
  • Steam pan
  • Fish pan

Always hang pans,

do not stack them, they will stay beautiful longer!

Next time: Knifes 🔪

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