On Sunday, January, 5th, we walked the “Bigi Broki Waka” (Big Bridge Walk). We started early that day. Waking up around 05.30h, getting ready to meet up with your friends, family or colleagues to walk 5k from 07.45h till … Well how long it takes you to walk 5k of course 🙂

Picture by Damei Amy Shen


Go Victuals! Stay healthy and walk!

Usually you start the day with a good breakfast. As they say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, we actually didn’t have breakfast. This meant that by the time we finished our walk…. We would be so hungry that we could eat a horse. But instead…… We ate brunch.
Suriname has a few places where you can eat brunch on Sunday.
It is our mission to go and try all of them… The different food they have, what’s different about it and how they set it up…

On this day we went to Spice Quest. Spice Quest has 3 different food styles; Asian Fusion, Japanese and seafood.

A restaurant situated in the historical part of Paramaribo, Suriname, build in the ruins of an old printing house, where the terrace is situated between the old presses and a tropical garden. A really beautiful site if we may say so.

Did you know that they have an All-you-can-eat brunch for only US$16??? We guess that not everyone knows it yet… It’s not always very busy… With such delicious food, how can you not go?!?! We had a feast!!

They had the following dishes to choose from…


Mini Sao pao (Pork & Chicken)
   Sui Mai  
Noodles and fried rice
Sweet and sour fish  
Cold Potato salad   
Cucumber sushi
with shrimp-caviar
Vietnamese lumpias, 
mini fried bananas 
and fried steamed wontons
Pandang Spek
Papaya and cantaloupe
Vegetable and fruit salad
Fruit Sushi
Tomato Mixed noodles
Oven Hawaiian potato dish
Oven cheese potato dish

Of course we didn’t eat all of it! But we had to try some. Some of them were known to us, others were a different way of the usual and the rest… Well we would not say strange but yes totally new us.
And yes, after tasting at least a bite of most of the dishes, we were stuffed!
We enjoyed our meal… We were in the restaurant for at least 2 to 3 hours! Like we said we had a feast!
It is an absolute must to go and try the brunch at Spice Quest!
For kids they have mini puff pancakes and mini pancakes. So you don’t have to leave them at home!
Which restaurant will be our next target???

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