It is during these times that food has become more and more the center of our universe. Even now during Easter, while celebrating the rising of Jesus, we come together and eat.

In one of my posts I stated that we are in lockdown because of this virus torturing our world. Still we seem to enjoy our moments and of course our food.

Here’s are the pictures of the food we ate

Flammenkukken – German pizza! With salmon… totally yum.

By Don Julio

Hare & Risotto

By Don Julio

Charcoal Chicken, butter cassava and cucumber 🥒 & tomato 🍅 salad

Edamame, Joel Roll, Spider roll (Soft Shell Crab), California Roll & sashimi mix

Our beautiful table

Cake & Whipped cream
Our iron ladies
Shirley & Hanna

Easter is celebrated with family, your loved ones


I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter with you and yours.

Happy Easter!

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