Sometimes you’re at home and you just want to try something new……something a little ‘different’. So…..I thought: why not try something ‘uniquely different’
I started my mise en place by gathering ingredients: pork, broccoli, apple, and onions. I also wanted to incorporate Chef Dre’s Spice Blend for the meat.
In Suriname we usually clean our meat by just washing it with either a little bit of vinegar, a little bit of water and salt or just water.  Today I just washed the pork with water, then dried it, put it on a plate and marinated it with the spice blend for about 5 to 10 minutes.  While the meat absorbed all those yummy flavors, I washed and cleaned the broccoli and cut it into bite size pieces.  I also washed the apple and cut it into small pieces but I chose not to use the onion anymore.
I added margarine to a hot frying pan and allowed it to melt. I then placed the pork in the frying pan, seared it on both sides and then removed it and allowed it to rest. After 10 minutes I cut it into small pieces.
Using the same frying pan with all those delicious bits at the bottom, I stir fried the broccoli and apple for about 2 minutes only, so the broccoli will still be a bit crunchy and apple won’t be all too soft.  When that was done, I placed the vegetables on the plate and let it sit.
Then I put the pork slices back into the pan and fried them until done. In our country we do not like pork to be pink, so we fry it medium or well done.
The end result of this dish for me, was a very simple ‘YUM’… spiced pork with stirfried broccoli and apple; no rice. I loved it, it was absolutely amazing and I now I am totally stuffed!
I hope you enjoy my blog post, please leave your comments. I would love to know what you think about it.


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