Oporto Restaurant the second on my list of eight restaurants we visited!

Oporto is a striking wooden structure on the banks of the Waaigat, an inland lagoon in the historic city center of Willemstad. The perfect combination: a marvelous sight and a taste of Curacao best ribs or our international cuisine!

After looking around a little, we placed our order; Red snapper fillet – with Spanish potatoes and Shrimps garlic sauce, with a refreshing drink – Awa di Limonci.

The Red Snapper was delicious. It looked beautiful too. Smooth and soft, the Spanish potatoes were deliciously seasoned too.

Shrimp Garlic Sauce is as exquisite as it looks. Well marinated, deliciously prepared. A good meal!

The best way to enjoy your meal is to have good company and lots of fun. Even though we were both preparing for our presentation, this lunch made it a lot more bearable and talking to our colleague Jody gave us more confidence. we could take on the world!


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