🙌 Whoop whoop 🙌

Our first vacation together as a family!

Snapping pictures…

AUA here we come!

••• Safe travels •••

Vacation starts here

We had a good flight ✈️… arrived safe and now waiting on our luggage 🧳 so we can pick up our car 🚘.

Our first day

Checking into our home for the coming 10 days!

Eagle Aruba Resort Hotel & Casino, a location which is written as a family-friendly resort, with 2 pools, 2 jacuzzis, a kiddie pool, and a water slide.

The first thing we did was connecting our phones to the internet connection of the hotel. The men seated themselves on the couch and… 📲 messages & YouTube! 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️. After… Father and son walking together off to explore the hotel. We took some selfie’s🤳

It was Carnival Night, Americans were dancing together with the show people. On this evening there’s also a little showcase of things that are handmade and/or produced on the island of Aruba 🇦🇼.

Chocolate! We had to buy some. Look at that lady smile… you’ll see the picture.

We all had some drinks 🍹… And that was the end of day 1. Off to our next step 👣

Day 2

Breakfast first.. then more phone 📲 and couch time… and then… grocery shopping (no pictures please lol)

Would you believe it if I told you?

••• We spotted rice from Suriname 🇸🇷 in the supermarket ~ SUPERFOOD ~ while strolling through it •••

We went to grab some grub, after grocery shopping. Yes, we decided to cook some of the days while on vacation. You know home-cooked meals can be the best sometimes (when not lazy).

Here are our first foodie moments:
• Tomato 🍅 soup 🥣
• Beef 🥩 burger 🍔
• Chicken 🍗 burger 🍔 with fries 🍟

Yummy Yummy for our Tummies

Beach time

The Sun ☀️, the Sea 🌊 and the Sand spells… beach 🏖 (not literally lol 😝) but yeah… fun, beach time.

First of all, we ordered some matching swimsuits wear on this trip, looking all stunning and stuff. Absolute complement mode… we received a few.

Second, it’s Giorgio’s first blue water sea beach and first vacation out of his own countries (Suriname 🇸🇷 & Brazil 🇧🇷). Meaning: it is an absolutely special vacation.

Third: can you see how much he enjoyed this? And it’s only day two ☝️!

Day 3

Yup! We didn’t go far… from our room to the pool.
Look for the underwater pictures. They are amazing!

Day 4

Hungry lions 🦁 lol
Breakfast was good.
We had Steak 🥩 and Eggs 🍳 with wedges 🥔 and a sausage and egg burger 🍔 . Yum!

Our little walk in the garden of animals. ☺️

California Lighthouse


We went karting this evening!

Giorgio wanted to go and drive around. His first time too, we were afraid if he wouldn’t be able to, but you know how an overbearing a parent can be… His dad asked him several times if he was sure he’d be able to handle it. His response: “No problem dad” lol 😝 kids! Gotta love them.

Salt 🧂 & Pepper

More foodie moments!!!

One of my favorite things to do… I soooo enjoy it.
The order?
• Soft Taco 🌮
• Escargots 🐌
• Calamari 🦑
• Fried Brie 🧀
• Cesar Salad 🥗
• Spicy Stewed Beef 🥩

Goodness on different plates 🍽

Where to next?! ☺️☺️☺️

Day 5

Walking the steps of Hooiberg was on our list for today…. but first, let us grab some breakfast.
Order: burger, steak, and fries… and French toast.

We thought it was an easy climb… before we even started on the first step.

I for one have to say that after 13 years, I really don’t find it easy. Due to the fact that I’m not in form or fit enough to climb it without preparation 🤦‍♀️🙈

Dwight also had some difficulties… I guess we aren’t the youngest anymore.

Anyway, it was a great climb. Giorgio asked us, “will it be worth it when we reach the top?” Sure! 🥵 me answering while I’m hot 😥🤫

We did love the few. It’s great. Too bad we weren’t able to see until Venezuela 🇻🇪. Maybe next time… will there be? 🙈 I’ll do my fitness prep first! Hahaha 😂

We went looking for another beach 🏖 a little further from our “home”…

Surfside Beach was the right one ☝️! A beautiful beach strip with clear water, not too deep. Just the right one to relax and enjoy.

The beautiful part of this location is that you can watch the planes ✈️ arrive and hear them depart. The sound of which is welcoming to our ears. While enjoying the sea 🌊, we saw Jet Blue, KLM, and American Airlines land. Stunning birds… sigh

Anyway… our foodie moments here:
• burger 🍔! Yet again for Giorgio. His burger issue will probably be done ✅ after this vacation. He orders them almost every time! 🤪
• Surfside Platter: Wings, Shrimp and Fish nuggets 🍴

Ready to eat! 😬

Please look out for part 2… coming soon!

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