When one can’t go to Mexico during this pandemic, the next best thing I have found in Amsterdam at the “Local Dealer”. Upon advice, we headed to the Local Dealer to satisfy our Mexican food cravings, and we were everything but disappointed.

Local dealer is located at the Dapperplein in Amsterdam-Oost, situated colorfully on a broad corner, with hipster retro neon lights, a design bar, wide as well as a warm terrace with colorful picnic tables, a type of beach vibe shack in the heart of Amsterdam with cocktails and a welcoming vibe from the staff.

We started off as every Friday night should be started with a shot of Nuestro Soledad, Ejuta (Mezcal) and for myself Arette Tequila (Blanco); smooth flavor and soothes while deciding on what to order.

The Local dealer serves a variety of dishes, also including vegan dishes: Ceviche, Tacos and Antojitos, street snacks. This being our cheat day we dove in and opted for shared dining:

Michoacan Pescado Whitefish slowly cooked in escabeche of Habanero with sour cream, pickled cauliflower, topped off with crispy onions.

Ceviche Classico Seasonal whitefish aji Amarillo, Leche de Tigre, sweet potato, raw onions, and freshly cut cilantro.

Oaxaca Fish Cakes Fish cakes with jalapenos and tamarind salsa (this took me back to Suriname where tamarind confit is a local snack I enjoy every time I get the chance to visit.

Cordero De Oaxaca barbacoa lamb, serrano pepper, pickled baffies, epazote, and red onion jam served with roasted almonds.

The ambiance and vibe of the Local Dealer are in complete balance with the beautiful dishes that they share. Upon receiving your dishes, the staff elaborately explains the various ingredients and spices that go into making each dish.

We were beyond satisfied and enjoyed every morsel to the fullest, and one can taste the fresh ingredients that they serve.

The evening ended for us with one of their signature margaritas, be sure to try the spicy margarita, they serve a wicked one.

Definitely we would recommend the Local Dealer to start your Friday evening or Saturday evening. We definitely give the Local dealer a 10/10 and have them as our #1 out of all of the Mexican restaurants in Amsterdam.

Be sure to visit them and enjoy the tastes of Mexico.

Be safe, enjoy your food and hasta luego!

One love,


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