A few days ago I was still in Miami and craving for food… as I always am. 🙈🙂

It’s like I can never  stop eating, but I must confess that I haven’t really eaten well this last week. I would order food, eat half or less and would either leave it at the restaurant or take it back with me to the hotel. Mind you, the food was good, I was just not really eating… 😔

Anyway, I’m always looking for sushi and the last time I stayed at Best Western Plus in Doral, this cute little restaurant Ohana Sushi was closed. This time around… it was open! So you can all guess what happened next… yes! I parked the car 🚗  (which is a very cute but huge truck by the way… >>> picture)

And walked back up to the restaurant (I know I did park the car at the hotel, would have been so much easier if I just parked in front of Ohana Sushi… 😂)

As I walked in, this nice young lady asked me if I would eat in or order for take out. She then let me know I could find the menu at the cashier and order there.  Good to know the menu has a good variety and pictures which insures you that you order what you think you like cause it looks good in the picture. 😉

At the cashier the guy, an Italian-Venezuelan – cute and friendly, helped me through the menu. Trying to explain each and every item I asked about. Although his English isn’t perfect, my Spanish is the worst, and a little help from a colleague I could place my order and was ready to eat!

My order:

  • Protein Roll
  • Tuna tartar

The protein Roll is a riceless roll. It consists salmon, surimi, tuna and advocado. On top of the roll the wakame salad was placed with beautiful and delicious roe.  Each sushi bar will at some ginger on the side so you can clean your palate. Just being honest, I don’t like the taste of ginger. I’ve formed a rare hate/love relationship with it… stating I hate it when it’s on a plate with sushi, because I just don’t think it suppose to be there. 🙈

The protein Roll was delicious yet different for me. I hadn’t tried a riceless roll before, so this was a first. The combination of the ingredients were well matched. I think that if there was a bit more salmon, I would get nauseous… thank goodness they didn’t. Like Ohana Sushi says their ingredients are fresh, which you can actually taste with every bite you take of each sushi roll. Combination salmon, tuna and advocado is super! I would have loved a little less surimi too.

The TUNA tartar!!! Oooh my… gooodness! 😲 I’ve had cravings for a good tuna tartare for a while. And this little delicious meal had me at mango! It wasn’t just the simple tuna tartare you would think, it was a combination of tuna, mango and advocado, topped with Wakame Salad and Roe!

Looking at the picture you can see that the design fell apart, but they really did their best to display it well. It was stacked and beautiful, but I was “running” from the place back to the hotel, so I could start eating… and yet it was worth it. 🙂

Look at how beautiful the ingredients are, how deliciously fresh too! This is a must have for me.

I’m a believer of trying new things, so I’ll be coming back to this little place to grab me something new and “daring”.

Do you think any of these on the menu is daring enough for me to try?

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